Mental Health


Risk Factors That Pose A Danger To Mental Health

Mental health is the prospect having a defined and functioning thinking mind. Mental health is always responsible for how we think, act, feel or behave. Mental problems are therefore the art of having a mind that is not functioning according to required standards. Many communities have different beliefs about mental health concerns with others believing that it is caused by poor emotional health while others believe that is as a result of religious or spiritual life. There are factors which pose a danger to mental health. They are;

Suffering From Chronic Medical Conditionlady

Certain chronic medical conditions are a risk factor for mental health in the sense that they may be triggering a certain hormonal imbalance in the body causing severe mental health. People who have Diabetes or some types of Cancer are known to be prone to mental health due to the causes brought by the illness in the body. Medication of these diseases may also be a causal factor of disturbed mental health. Some of these medications have side effects which may profoundly cause mental health.

Excessive Use Of Alcohol And Drugs

Excessive use of drugs and alcohol is a common cause of unstable mental health and other mental disorders. Alcohol and other drugs make the immune system weak making it prone to various attacks and diseases. When the body immune becomes low, the mental health also suffers a blow rendering the system susceptible to mental disorders. Alcohol and drugs are also known to affect the mental system severely, and excessive use of the drugs may end up damaging the rational system leading to mental problems.

Immense Traumatic Experience

Many people have had a traumatic expertise in the past although some have been subjected to more severe experiences that have caused complete trauma in their lives. Trauma offsets the mind and makes unstable mostly leading to mental health complications. People who have been involved in dangerous military combats are prone to mental every time they remember occurrence of war or when their friends and associates demised. This is a serious trauma that poses a significant danger to mental health.

Extreme Stressful Life Situations

Stress is another natural cause of a mstreeental problem. People with troubling child hood, extreme financial needs, having an extremely sick relative or member of the family or suffering from a relationship breakup may cause extreme stressful situations that may destabilize the rational system making it prone to mental illness.

Mental illness is common although the extent of it differs in most people. It is therefore triggered by these risk factors which may cause its full blown.